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Welcome to XBUP Project!

The XBUP Project aims to design and to provide an open-source support for unified general binary data representation format.

This should provide following advantages:

  • Advanced Data Structures - Unified structure should allow to combine various types of data together
  • Efficiency - Optional compression and encryption on multiple levels should allow effective representation of binary data
  • Flexibility - General framework should provide data transformations/processing and compatibility issues solving capability
  • Comprehensibility - Catalog of data types, metadata, relations and abstraction should allow better understanding of data

The project is currently in early development stage and we would welcome any help.

Project's overview:

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Latest news [RSS]:

Work release 23 released (1th June 2014)
[+] Added java web catalog (XBCatalogWeb)

Work release 22 released (1th September 2013)
[+] Added property panel (XBEditor)
[+] Added testing import/export to yaml
[+] Added some editing capabilities to XBManager

Work release 21 released (12th May 2012)
[I] This release doesn't provide any significant improvement
[+] Code separated to editor modules
[+] Added pencil tool and zoom to XBSEditor
[+] Direct access to catalog's DB in XBManager
[F] Documentation moved to dokuwiki
[+] Added C++ library with basic tests (thanks to pkrasnop)
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