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Welcome to XBUP Project!

The XBUP Project is an attempt to design unified general binary data format and to provide an open-source libraries and tools for it.

This should provide following advantages:

  • Advanced Data Structures - Unified structure should allow to combine various types of data together
  • Flexibility - General framework should provide data transformations/processing and compatibility issues solving capability
  • Comprehensibility - Catalog of data types, metadata, relations and abstraction should allow better understanding of data
  • Efficiency - Optional compression and encryption on multiple levels should allow effective representation of binary data

Free and open source prototype implementation in Java is currently underway. More in development section.

Project's overview:

Other videos...

Latest news [RSS]:

Work release 0.1.24 released (31th January 2015)
[I] Build system changed to Gradle + source code migrated to GitHub
[+] XBCore: Add XBUP level 2 serialization (no transformations yet)
[+] XBEditor: Add support for line editors in property panel
[+] XBEditor: Add parameters tab in item modify dialog
[+] XBEditor: Add context and catalog block type selection for adding new block
[+] XBServiceManager: Add HTML editor for catalog item documentation editing
[+] XBServiceManager: Add icon editor for catalog item icons editing
[+] XBServiceManager: Add catalog item search by filter

Work release 23 released (1th June 2014)
[+] Added java web catalog (XBCatalogWeb)

Work release 22 released (1th September 2013)
[+] Added property panel (XBEditor)
[+] Added testing import/export to yaml
[+] Added some editing capabilities to XBManager

Work release 21 released (12th May 2012)
[I] This release doesn't provide any significant improvement
[+] Code separated to editor modules
[+] Added pencil tool and zoom to XBSEditor
[+] Direct access to catalog's DB in XBManager
[F] Documentation moved to dokuwiki
[+] Added C++ library with basic tests (thanks to pkrasnop)
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